New Year – 2014

Well .. it is with some trepidation that I embark upon my first blog ever and somehow it seems fitting that after much deliberation over recent months that I would choose January to go for it.  My delay in making this happen has been mainly due to the fact that I wanted it to be as perfect as it could be – well thought through, with a clear focus and structure and a very clearly defined purpose .. So here it goes …

I couldn’t start this blog given we are in January without mentioning we are in a new year. New year for many symbolises a new start and making some resolutions for the coming year.   Resolution for me indicates a firm determination to do something different, or to be different, and therefore, I am not sure whether this describes holistically enough how I want to be thinking about my goals, strategies, or the spirit within which I want to live this year.  The one thing we know about life is that nothing stands still and circumstances emerge and change – often out of our control – so giving ourselves the permission to shift and change with them and not feel we have failed at the first hurdle enables us to be a bit more gentle on ourselves and, maybe, ultimately, a little happier.   So, I want to think carefully about what success looks like and what is realistic.   Notoriously, I set targets that are so stretching they are pretty much impossible to achieve rather than giving cause or opportunities for celebration.  I think that we all set about to develop and improve ourselves and, sometimes, it is the small things that we achieve that make the biggest difference and we do not even bother to write those down as ‘resolutions’ or goals or whatever terminology we use to describe things we want to achieve or focus on.

So .. what on earth has that got to do with my goals and priorities for this year ??? Well .. a lot, actually, (for those of you that know me I use the word ‘actually’ … alot ..), one of my goals is to be alive to changes in circumstances and be courageous enough to acknowledge when something isn’t working and move on.  Two – that being perfect isn’t always what I need to be but prioritizing the things that are important to me is, which, might mean that some things slip up and that’s ok.

Some of the things that are important to me are (probably not much different than your own list):

My family (and extended family)

My relationships with friends and those close to me

The wider community of people that I connect with

Developing my business

Being more thoughtful and mindful

So far, I have achieved one of the first goals that I set out to achieve this year –a very specific business goal – and, therefore, also easy to measure – a very rewarding and easy to tick off the list sort of goal.  That was –’To finish my home to a standard that I would be happy enough with to publish photographs of within the first 2 weeks of January’.  (see pictures below).  It isn’t perfect in every way because I know that as I develop and grow so will my home. I know I will find things along the way to build on what I have created today – it is not complete yet.  Interior design is an endlessly evolving state.  What we can achieve at that moment in time is right for now and for where we are in our lives, the expression of our style at that moment and, sometimes, practically the budget we have and the energy we have to put into it.  We know that it will shift and change – sometimes with trends, style changes and new products, and, most definitely, because we develop and change our perspectives and our practical life style needs change.

Creating interiors that meet the practical needs of each individual as well as expressing each individual’s style and taste is what matters.  We need to feel comfortable in our environment and that we are proud of it.  After all, our home is probably the most expensive statement we will ever make (for most of us!) about – who we are, how we live and what we feel is important to us, so we need to get it right.

The other goal that I am now starting to ponder on is ‘The stop and pause for thought goal … more often’.  What a luxury that sounds like … for those of us who have children, families, work and other relationships in our lives, stopping and pausing for thought is something that seems unattainable.  I am thoughtful about who I want to be in conversation with this year that will help me in my deliberations about motherhood, my work, my relationships, and how I prioritise the endless stream of goals that I would love to achieve but probably won’t!  This might mean deeper, more thoughtful and maybe more difficult conversations and surely more rewarding.

Also, I am now realising that I have achieved my second business type goal – ‘To publish my first blog in January that gives people some insight as to who I am and what I do’.  This now seems to be a stream of consciousness rather than a ‘perfectly’ written first blog which is what I had hoped it would be.  On reflection, it seems fitting that my first blog begins in the spirit of how I intend to live this year – more discussion, less editing, more imperfection, more mindfulness and more embracing of complexity and change.  I think I am going to have to learn to be more resilient!

Oh .. and finally, I am recognising that this starts to dip my toe in the water of another objective – of being more mindful or thoughtful about my achievements and priorities – I thought about this blog a lot but the actual act of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to write it took about 20 minutes … to start the year with this spirit means that it is sure to be full of challenge, new beginnings, kindness to myself and to others and surely some excitement. 🙂

Sara x

I have included below a few pictures of my first delivered objective – my home – I hope you like them and get to know me a little through them.

Photographs by Adam Butler Photographs by Adam Butler Photographs by Adam Butler Photographs by Adam Butler Photographs by Adam Butler Muswell Hill_53 Photographs by Adam Butler Photographs by Adam Butler


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